2021 Committee



The Flare committee is responsible for the administrative direction of the club and organising upcoming events, classes, and performances. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message (find us on Facebook) or email any of us.

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2021 Committee Trailer

Executive Committee

Portrait of Emily Yang
President - Emily Yang

Dance Styles: Jazz, Lyrical, Contemp (life ambition: to successfully get into a choreography piece :’))

Horoscope: Scorpio, Gemini rising oooohhh o.O

Netflix Recommendation: Community, Bojack Horseman, AtLA + Korra!!, Luciferrrrr

Most likely to:

  • Wear a sports bra in dance class
  • Fall off a cliff trying to get that insta photo #travelinspo #wanderlust
  • Attempt to gym away a hangover

Hidden talent: Eating 20 chicken nuggets in under 6 mins

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: Lo-Fidelity, Onigirisu (don’t even know this song loll), but number 2 was WANNABE, ITZY (up and coming koreaboo here)

Portrait of Kunal Aggarwal
Secretary - Kunal Aggarwal

Dance Styles: Choreography, Hip-hop, Popping, Would try all street styles except Commercial (check out my insta)

Horoscope: Cancer

Netflix Recommendation: Lucifer and B99 (Jake and Captain Holt my favsss)

Most Likely to:

  • Dance on the road if I’m walking alone
  • Drink whiskey wherever I go
  • Stay awake for 48 hrs coz of work/uni

Hidden talent: End up designing cool stuff with thinking about it and come up with bizarre food ideas which ends up tasting good.

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: What’s popping - Jack Harlow.

Portrait of Roger Chen
Treasurer - Roger Chen

Dance Styles: Pre-covid I mostly was into choreography with some hip-hop, popping and house on the side.

Horoscope: Virgo

Netflix Recommendation: idk :/

Most Likely to:

  • Use Excel for everything
  • Stay at home all week (Introvert Life)
  • Wear Uniqlo to dance class

Hidden talent: For some reason I can never feel sleepy

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: Oh My God - (G)-IDLE,

Current Favourite: Doodle - Punchnello, Baek Yerin

Portrait of Fiona Chen
Vice President - Fiona Chen

Dance Styles: Commercial, hip hop, choreography, contemp, lyrical, jazz

Horoscope: Capricorn Sun & Rising, Aquarius Moon

Netflix Recommendation: Altered Carbon, Haikyuu, Full Metal Alchemist

Most Likely to:

  • Turn up to class drunk
  • Trip over herself
  • Not wave back because I can’t see who you are #glassesgang

Hidden talent:

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: Used To - Nbdy (sad boi vibes haha)

Portrait of Nicholas Woo
Vice President - Nicholas Woo

Dance Styles: Choreography & hip hop + gf draggin my ass to jazz, contemp and lyrical Horoscope: Gemini so you know I’m a two faced snake hiss hiss, Taurus Rising

Netflix Recommendation: Rick & Morty, Bojack Horseman, Community, HIMYM

Most likely to:

  • Burn asshole eating David’s Hotpot
  • Be a softboi simp
  • Chuck a phat phat muzz

Hidden talent: Can play wedding dress on the piano

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: If the World was Ending, JP Saxe & Julia Michaels. Treasure, Bruno Mars (RIP cocktail night 2020).


Portrait of Shi Ling Tan
Charity Officer & Gigs Co-ordinator - Shi Ling Tan

Dance Styles: Lyrical, Contemporary, Commercial, Kpop (tried one dance cover hehe)

Horoscope: Virgo (Earth)

Netflix Recommendation: Sweet Home- Because it’s your first life, Fight for my way, Kingdom. Oopsy it’s mostly Kdramas but also Hell’s kitchen, Train to Busan.

Most Likely to:

  • Snacking/eating
  • Wear blue colour clothes most of the time (cause…favourite colour)
  • Binge watch dramas/shows when free

Hidden talent: Light sleeper - awake at little noises, still searching for more hidden talents

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: BTS - Heartbeat

Portrait of Himika Sikri
Events Officer - Himika Sikri

Dance Styles: Trained in Odissi (Indian Classical) but I have a different love for contemporary. Also love doing jazz, lyrical and commercial

Horoscope: Leo, Gemini Rising

Netflix Recommendation: LUCIFERRR!! (can’t wait for more episodes to come out), Friends (duh?), The Queen’s Gambit, also hmu for Bollywood movie suggestions ;)

Most Likely to:

  • Cancel out on plans because I wanna sleep more
  • Be found chugging drinks at a party
  • Add YouTube videos to “watch later” and never see them again
  • Feel hungry and eat instant ramen at odd hours

Hidden talent: I can sleep for 20-22 hours at once (anyone who knows how to enter the sleeping olympics, help ya girl out get famous!!!)

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: Alien - Dennis Lloyd + loads of random reggaeton music

Portrait of Ang Kai Yee
General Committee - Ang Kai Yee

Dance Styles: Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical

Horoscope: Libra

Netflix Recommendation: Start-up (korean drama HAHAH)

Most Likely to:

  • Be greedy and eat alot
  • Throw some punches at you (currently learning Muaythai >.<)

Hidden talent: hehe

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: Quite Miss Home (James Arthur)

Portrait of Cindy Luo
General Committee - Cindy Luo

Dance Styles: Break dance (first style learned). Also interested in urban, hip-hop, K-pop, contemporary and lyrical. I only started dance when I was 19, so I’m really excited to learn more. My dream is to mix lyrical and breakdance together.

Horoscope: Capricorn

Netflix Recommendation: 恋のツキ (Love and Fortune) – the story is a bit dark, but very interesting and the soundtrack / cinematography is amazing! It really makes you think about what it means to grow up and lose yourself in order to “be an adult” in society. 악의 꽃 (Flowers of Evil) is also amazing and has a wonderful female lead.

Most Likely to:

  • Need tea / coffee to survive
  • Be studying Japanese/Korean (although mostly Korean nowadays for my study abroad)
  • Hoard books

Hidden talent: 😃

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: Agust D Mixtape and D-2! I also listen to a lot of Webtoon soundtracks like those from Purple Hyacinth. Been trying to transcribe Webtoon songs on piano but it’s been a difficult process…

Portrait of Crystal Li
Graphic Designer - Crystal Li

Dance Styles: Very comfy in stage (contemp <3333, jazz, lyrical), wants to diversify lots!!

Horoscope: Sagittarius Sun & Rising, Capricorn moon

Youtube Recommendations: Stuff Made Here, Bernadette Banner, NileRed, Michael Reeves & Micharah Tewers all get me super inspired!!

Most Likely to:

  • Get completely winded during a cardio-heavy warmup, asthma gang
  • Use an unnecessary amount of exclamation points!!!!
  • Cry during an anime that literally isn’t sad at all

Hidden talent: I have a good eye for thrifting, also I make & alter clothes!

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: WANT - Taemin (stream Act 1 & 2!!)

Portrait of Jason Pham
IT Officer - Jason Pham

Dance Styles: Popping freestyle, I literally cannot do anything else

Horoscope: Pisces, idk what this Sun Moon astrology bullshit is

Youtube Recommendation: 2yu - click here to listen to her music 💕

Most Likely To:

  • Spontaneously roll my hips for absolutely no fucking reason
  • Have the world’s best karaoke playlist
  • Get sponsored by Gong Cha

Hidden Talent: spotting cameras (and subsequently giving it a show 👀)

2020 most listened to song - eaJ x keshi - pillows (PLEASE GET ONTO SPOTIFY ALREADY GOSH)

Portrait of Marcia Poon
Publicity Officer - Marcia Poon

Dance Styles: Commercial, ballet, aspiring contemp/lyrical dancer :’) (also trying do do kpop and choreography this year)

Horoscope: Libra (unsure about my rising sign because my mom does not remember when I was born :’)

Netflix Recommendation: Itaewon Class, Romance Is A Bonus Book, Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast (Season 1 & 2)

Most Likely to:

  • Be (un)intentionally late for classes and skip the warmup
  • Stay at home 24/7
  • Be the shortest comm this year :’( I’m 155cm tall (I mean short)

Hidden talent: I think I am a pretty good singer????

2020 most listened to song: B.S. (feat. H.E.R.) - Jhené Aiko, Filter - BTS

Portrait of Sakura Everett-Jones
Ticketing & Sourcing Officer - Sakura Everett-Jones

Dance Styles: Stage styles! ( <3 contemporary but love a good musical theatre number too)

Horoscope: Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo Rising

Netflix Recommendation: Every Ghibli film (especially Porco Rosso), The Crown, Ratched

Most Likely to:

  • Spend 8 hours at karaoke
  • Never get their licence

Hidden talent: Making a “meal” out of the 1.3 ingredients in my pantry

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke - Queen (sue me)

Portrait of Abdul 'Min' Muhaimin
Video Officer - Abdul 'Min' Muhaimin

Dance Styles: Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Swing, Hip Hop, Commercial, Urban

Horoscope: Taurus Sun, Cancer Rising, Virgo Moon

Netflix Recommendation: Brooklyn Nine Nine, Violet Evergarden, Always be my Maybe, When they see us, Unorthodox

Most Likely to:

  • Binge eat a lot of food (I should be in food competitions honestly)
  • Sleep 13 hours at a time
  • Can’t sleep and see me online at weird hours of the day
  • Go to Dance and Acting Workshops
  • Travelling on a budget, and making cute little vlogs
  • Wear all black; inspired by the Addams Family

Hidden talent: Waking up 5 minutes earlier than my intended alarm.

Spotify 2020 most listened to song: Go with u - BAYNK, Get You - Daniel Caesar, Kali Uchis, Best Part - Daniel Caesar, H.E.R.

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