Why should you join Flare?

Flare membership entitles you to all classes taught by Flare choreographers* throughout the year, the chance to perform at various gigs** and the annual end-of-year Production and even the chance to teach your own dance classes (and also some cool perks from our sponsors)!

Did I mention all Flare classes are free? FREE DANCE CLASSES? It sounds too good to be true but it really isn’t!

Interested in becoming a Flarian? Keep on reading! 😊

How to sign up!

Otherwise, attend any of our OPEN classes on the timetable and speak to one of our committee members before class and ask to signup.

Please note that membership is non-refundable!

*Excludes some external choreographer classes and Workshop Week (a series of classes taught by external choreographers) which will require additional payment.
**In order to perform for gigs, members must go through a casting process (not as intimidating as it sounds). More information can be found on the Classes page.

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