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We sell unisex shirts and singlets at $15 each. Please contact our Committee at sourcing@flaredance.com if you wish to purchase one so we can arrange for a pick up time and location. Please be advised that sizes are limited during the semester and a refund is not possible after a purchase. Sizes range from S - XL.

You do not need to be a student from the University of Melbourne to become a member. If you wish to join the club, check out the timetable, attend any [OPEN] class (marked in GREEN), find a Committee member and they’ll get you sorted! Try to get there a bit earlier so you don’t miss out on warm-ups (very important for well-being) or choreography!

Yes you can! No experience is required at all and we have a number of classes that cater to beginners.

Sorry, membership is non-refundable.

Please wear what you feel comfortable in for the style being taught. Unless stated, please do not wear skirts, dresses, tight jeans (we have had quite a number of cases of ripped jeans), heels or sandals. If seen wearing heels we may require you to take them off as they can damage the floors in some studios and are a hazard when dancing. The exception is for Heels classes.

Things that you might want to bring are water bottles, spare shirts and appropriate footwear (e.g. foot-thongs for contemporary classes).

There is no set schedule for any particular styles in our casual classes. We aim to provide classes covering a variety of styles throughout the weeks to ensure our members have the chance to explore as many new avenues as possible.

During the semester, all classes are for members only. BUT, we do have “Welcome Week” (a whole week of free/no-membership-required classes) at the start of each semester for people to come check us out.

Membership allows you to attend as many OPEN classes (in GREEN on the timetable) you want. CLOSED classes (in RED on the timetable) are rehearsals for upcoming performances for which cast members have already been selected via a casting process.

Refer to our Class Information page for more information.

These will still be open for all members to attend, however the focus will usually be on “casting stuff” (e.g. reviewing casting choreography, actual casting, etc.). The amount of new choreography taught (i.e. the amount of “casual-class-y stuff” happening) will vary from [CASTING] class to [CASTING] class so be wary if you’re keen on just coming to dance it out because there might not be a lot of time dedicated to “dancing it out”.

Closed classes are for cast members only unless the choreographer has explicitly said you may attend. This is to ensure efficient preparation for our upcoming performances.

Flare does not teach strict ballroom, we only incorporate some of the styles into some pieces. We do have Latin classes occasionally.
If you wish to learn Latin or ballroom you might want to check out Melbourne University Dancesport Club (MUDC).

We’ll have a few performance opportunities throughout the year.

General explanation:
  • There’ll be a set of classes leading up to the performance
  • Learn a bit of choreography from the first [OPEN GIG] or [OPEN PROD] class
  • Audition with that piece of choreography in the following [CASTING] class
  • If you’re successful, attend weekly rehearsals
  • Perform!
Detailed explanation:
  • Step 1: [OPEN]
    • For every performance/gig opportunity, we begin with an [OPEN GIG] or [OPEN PROD] class which is essentially a casual class that any of our members can attend. The only difference from the usual casual classes is that the choreography taught will be built upon in future classes and used in the performance (usually) and will be the basis of the [CASTING] class (usually). And, of course, that brings me to the next step: the actual casting.
  • Step 2: [CASTING]
    • In the week (or sometimes second week) following the [OPEN PROD/GIG] class will be a [CASTING] class in which (you guessed it!) the casting happens.
    • The choreographer will have posted up a Google Form on the Flare Facebook Group (you’ll need to be a member to join the group), so if you intend to cast, make sure you’ve filled that out. The class will usually begin with some review of the previous week/s’ choreography and possibly teaching of some new choreography. Following that, you’ll be split into small groups and filmed performing that previously learnt choreography. This will be for the choreographer’s reference when selecting cast members.
  • Step 3: [CLOSED]
    • Following the [CASTING] class will be [CLOSED] rehearsal classes. If you are successfully selected, you’ll be required to attend these weekly rehearsals up until performance day, so make sure you’re available for all of these as well as the actual performance before you decide to cast!

Refer to our Class Information page for definitions of terms (e.g. [OPEN PROD] and [OPEN GIG]) used.
These are the abbreviations that we use on our Timetable, so it’d be useful to know them. ​

We aim to provide 3-4 casual classes per week.

​If you wish to teach a class, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

While there is no numerical cap placed on each class, in the rare event that a studio becomes overcrowded, additional dancers may not be able to participate for safety reasons.

Casting is an audition/try-out for upcoming performances. Any of our members have the opportunity to take a shot at it and we strongly encourage you to (even if you’re new and feeling a bit shy) because it’s great experience and a great opportunity for growth even if you don’t happen to make it!

Read more about the casting process in the next question below.

On weekdays classes tend to occur sometime between 6PM-9PM and on weekends, between 11AM-5PM. Times can (and often will) vary slightly so make sure to always check the Timetable.

Our classes can be held at a number of different locations, so make sure to always check the Timetable. Our two most frequented venues for casual classes are 727 Swanston St. and Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance.

A casual class will generally not be re-taught, with the exception of Performance Classes.

If your question is not covered in this FAQ, please feel free to contact us.

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