Artistic Director

The Artistic Director is in charge of the artistic direction of the organisation including, but not limited to, approving all dance items, including gig items, assisting the choreographers in carrying out their visions and facilitating all aspects of Production. Jonathan Yeo is Flare's current artistic director.
Artistic Director of Flare Dance Ensemble

Jonathan Yeo
2020 - 2022

I first joined Flare in 2011, hoping to try out new dance styles and to learn from more choreographers. The variety and sense of community within Flare is what kept me around even till this date. I wanted to give back to Flare so I served as Treasurer and President to not only help the club but to introduce some of my own ideas. During my time in committee I was focused on providing more opportunities for members to participate, either in dance or socially; and to also help facilitate a greater sense of belonging to Flare.

As a dancer and choreographer, I mainly focus on Contemporary and Jazz. However, I still find other dance genres enjoyable and I find them to be great learning opportunities for me to incorporate new techniques and textures to my own repertoire. I first started choreographing for a gig piece; but have also choreographed for video projects and our annual production. My passion for choreography is driven by the desire to tell stories and to help dancers with their growth. I believe that always trying new things and being out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow in all aspects of life, including dance.

Now as Artistic Director of Flare, I hope to bring even more ideas to life and to further improve upon already existing frameworks that have made Flare what it is today. By providing more avenues for dancers to engage with dance; my aim is to help both seasoned and new dancers improve on their craft and to have more opportunities to co-operate. Furthermore, the continued development of emerging and current choreographers is still a key priority of my vision.

Ultimately, my goal for Flare comes down to everyone having something they can do. Whether that be dancing, choreographing or supporting their friends.

Preceding Artistic Directors

The preceding artistic directors have helped shape Flare into what it is today. It is a difficult job to manage so may aspects at once and Flare is very appreciative of their efforts.

Portrait of Kaeden Trinh

Kaeden Trinh
2017 - 2019

Portrait of Jun Takahashi

Jun Takahashi
2014 - 2016

Portrait of Aileen Tan

Aileen Tan
2011 - 2013

Portrait of Vanessa Kwa

Vanessa Kwa
2008 - 2010

Portrait of Xiao Yun

Xiao Yun

Portrait of Jane Khoo (Founding Artistic Director)

Jane Khoo
2002 - 2006
Founding Artistic Director

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