A page dedicated to those that looked at our timetable and went 'wtf?'


Flare offers many different types of classes with ranging styles. So many that it can get confusing to read the timetable 😂 So this page is dedicated to those who had a look and thought: 'wtf?' (or maybe you actually want to find out more information on our classes).

If you're interested, scroll down to learn about the different types of classes we have! We cater to any level of experience so just come and have fun!

Casual Classes

Learn, make friends and have fun!
  • Open to all Flare members
  • General one-off classes taught by experienced instructors within and outside of Flare
  • Class will consist of foundation techniques and/or a short choreography
  • Just dance, learn and enjoy yourself!
Picture of a free latin class taught by Tira at Flare Dance Ensemble in Melbourne
Level Explanation
Technique Strong focus on building foundation skills/techniques in the relevant style. Highly recommended for beginners and anyone who wants to brush up on their foundations.
Beginner No technique required (relevant techniques will often be gone over in the class itself). Great for newcomers as everything will be broken down and gone over at a comfortable pace.
Open Generally more fast-paced than a [Beginner, Casual] class, however the pacing of the class will be relatively flexible to cater to those in attendance. So, even if you're a beginner and feel like it'll be too difficult, don't be shy; challenging yourself is how you grow!
Intermediate A moderate level of technique is recommended as choreographers will go at a faster pace, however those with minimal training are still encouraged to attend because (as mentioned above) growth & challenges go hand-in-hand​.

External Classes / Workshops

Gain insight from guest teachers!
  • ​Open to members and non-members
  • Choreographers from outside of Flare are invited to teach a class
  • Class highlights are filmed and uploaded on our YouTube channel
  • External class prices:
    • Members: $7 for one class and $10 for two
    • Non-members: $10 for one class and $15 for two
  • Workshop prices:
    • Members: $20 for one class and $30 for two
    • Non-members: $25 for one class and $35 for two
Rob Hip Hop Class at Flare Dance Ensemble Melbourne
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