Artistic Director

The Artistic Director/s are in charge of the artistic direction of the organisation including, but not limited to, approving all dance items, including gig items, assisting the choreographers in carrying out their visions and facilitating all aspects of Production. Moeka Minami and Annabel Shaw are Flare's current artistic directors.
Artistic Director of Flare Dance Ensemble

Annabel Shaw and Moeka Minami
2020 - 2022

We are Mo and Annie and we first joined Flare in 2022. Post-COVID and recently out of pre-professional dance training, we found our new dance home in Flare. We are really excited for the next few years of guiding and supporting our dancers, choreographers and members.

Both from similar backgrounds of hardcore full-time training in ballet and contemporary dance, what we envision for Flare is not that, but instead to create a welcoming, inclusive, friendly environment for members to have fun, be challenged, make friends, and most importantly dance their hearts out. We want dancers of all levels to feel welcome, such by sustaining and continuing programs like Flare Foundations and Mid Year Showcase. We would like new and experienced choreographers to be unafraid of taking risks, take on new challenges, and try something outside of their comfort zone. And lastly, we aim to be representative of the diversity of our club. We have so many members from various backgrounds and dance styles– that’s what makes us unique.

We hope you’ll all stick around to help us realize our vision - whether as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, committee member, backstage crew or even an audience member. We can’t wait to share it all with you!

Preceding Artistic Directors

The preceding artistic directors have helped shape Flare into what it is today. It is a difficult job to manage so may aspects at once and Flare is very appreciative of their efforts.

Portrait of Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan Yeo
2020 - 2023

Portrait of Kaeden Trinh

Kaeden Trinh
2017 - 2019

Portrait of Jun Takahashi

Jun Takahashi
2014 - 2016

Portrait of Aileen Tan

Aileen Tan
2011 - 2013

Portrait of Vanessa Kwa

Vanessa Kwa
2008 - 2010

Portrait of Xiao Yun

Xiao Yun

Portrait of Jane Khoo (Founding Artistic Director)

Jane Khoo
2002 - 2006
Founding Artistic Director

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