Video Project 2019 | Contemporary Choreography

Posted by FDE on December 21, 2019 · 1 min read

In the final installment of the Flare Video Project series 2019, we have a contemporary choreography created by Djacint Dumapias and Karen Hoi.

Choreographer's insights:
In this contemporary video project, we wanted to create a video that shows a slightly different side to lyrical contemporary, something more avant-garde. We were inspired by the John Wick fight scene in which the song was played and the ideas of assassins. So here is our group of avant-garde assassins - killing you with style!


Director: Kaeden Trinh

Choreographers: Djacint Dumapias & Karen Hoi


  • Daniel Lewis
  • Emily Yang
  • Shi Ling Tan
  • Roger Chen
  • Yiwen Xu
  • Micole Liong
  • Imalka Rangala
  • Dinda Nisrina
  • Sakura Everett-Jones
  • Jason Pham
  • Dave Kwan
  • Echo Cen
  • Qinying Yang
  • Madeline Bailey
  • Jonathan Law
  • Yuri Loong
  • Worawalan Meen
  • Crystal Ho
  • Ashley Dsouza

Song: Think - Kaleida

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